• Principal
  • Staff coordinator
  • Heads of the various departments
  • Librarian
  • Office Coordinator


  1. Teachers arrangement
  • To make sure that the concerned subject teachers engage all the classes.
  • To inform coordinators to make alternative arrangement, in case of absence of any teachers (Substitution list)
  1. Act as a communicator
  • To act as a communicator between the Principal and Teachers
  • Passing of academic related information to teachers
  • Notify the timely submission of the various records.
  • Intimating all university notifications.
  1. Academic Calendar Preparation
  • To prepare academic calendar based on the department calendar received from the coordinators
  1. Monthly verifications:
  • Student attendance register
  • Log book
  • Cross verification of attendance
  • Mark submission by class teachers.
  • Assignment mark submission
  • Department event registers
  • Department minutes
  • Common Event Register
  1. Academic Planning
  • Planning the academics on semester basis and also to list the programmes that has to be conducted
  1. Handbook Update:

– The academic council can suggest necessary update to the college handbook.