ICT  TOOLS

A well furnished audio visual room is set up for the benefit of the students to conduct various presentations, workshops, filmshows etc. The theatre is well equipped with audio and video facility. With comfortable seating the cozy atmosphere provides ample opportunity for students for their academic presentations.


Our college is fully equipped with ICT tools to enhance the quality of teaching- learning process. We equip the college to provide value based education. Based on the needs and trends of students, we follow apt approach and methods to teach them. Along with better classroom teaching methods, teachers use technology to make their class interesting. We have ICT-enabled classrooms, Audio- Visual Room, and a Seminar hall. All department teachers have to prepare power point presentation for teaching. Audio- Visual room will be used by language teachers to equip the students with four basic skills of English and to improve their pronunciation. Language training was given through Audio- Visual room. Department of English makes use of audio-visual room to take classes and also conducts various book review competitions for students. Students are encouraged to present film review as a part of assignment. Prescribed films in respective subjects are showcased in the audio-visual room.  Printers and Scanners are available in the office, principal room; manager office, library and separate computer for staffs are made available. A Wi-Fi facility is maintained for proper network connectivity.

During pandemic, various departments organized webinar for students via online platform, such as Google Meet and Zoom. The college has portable ICT set-up which can be made use by the students of all the classes to present seminars. Seminar hall is completely ICT enabled, which can occupy more than three hundred students, so major seminars, workshops, and symposiums are conducted for students in a wide range. Students also take a part in developing their presentation skills by using ICT enabled platform as a base. The poster as well as project presentation is the unique practices of the college. They are taken up by the students as challenges were they learn to present through ICT platform.

Teachers prepare PowerPoint presentationsand video lessons for enhancing the learning experience. For effective teaching, teachers make use of e-resources along with lectures. Virtual interactions blog, portal, discussion forum, chat group were organized by teachers. Google classrooms were utilized for sharing the learning materials and submission of assignments. For conducting the competitions, exams and quizzes the teachers make use of Google forms. For pair and group assignments Google Doc and slides were utilized.

The institution also concentrates on its uniqueness by providing a special Learning Management System for the students to make their learning easy. The college App through Neverskip provides a platform for students to communicate with teachers digitally. The study materials for the students are transferred through this platform. Online classes can be scheduled as well as their assessment results can be accessed online. Examinations are conducted via Google meet during the pandemic. To create a live exposure the exams are monitored by the concerned faculties as well as by exam cell. The institution focuses on providing lively teaching with the help ICT tools.