Bharathamatha College of Arts and Science’s motto “INSPIRE TO IGNITE” is profoundly determined to actualize our vision. We strive earnestly to attain the high apex of perfection for academic excellence. Our innovative academic excellence is blended with the ‘service of humanity’ aiming at the societal transformation.

The great ambiance and good infrastructure of the campus provide students better learning environment. Our facilities help students to express their creative talents. The classrooms, furniture, library, computer labs, etc. are all of the high standards. A good collection of books are available in the library along with newspapers and journals to keep the students up to date with the present trends and innovations. The college is well equipped with a computer lab and canteen facilities. New infrastructure is added every year as per the need. The college has got a wide playground and a physical education teacher to assist with the physical growth of the students. The students are encouraged to play Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Throw ball, Basketball, Badminton, Athletics, indoor games, etc. Our students won prizes at the university level competitions in various events.

Aiming for the all-around development of students, the college undertakes various seminars, symposiums quiz programs, invited talks, panel discussions, debates, conferences, group discussions and industrial visits to varied established firms have been organized frequently by each department. The students are given individual attention through various activities, personality and skill development sessions along with managerial and entrepreneurial skill development. Students were encouraged for participating in management events; literature and technical fest conducted by other colleges brought laurels to the institution. And also arranged various motivational seminars on topics i.e. personality development and women’s health. These seminars are regularly arranged in the college.

Apart from the academic programs; co-curricular activities such as cultural competitions; and involvement in various clubs have become part and parcel of campus life. Social activities involving cleaning public places; such as bus stands, hospitals, etc. are regularly undertaken by students as projects. With a view of enlightening social commitment and responsibility in students, the college organized charity visits to various charities. Students were taken for charity visits regularly to enrich their experience. The campus stresses strict rules, in speaking English inside the campus. It enhanced the English language skill of faculty as well as students.

The interfaith prayer service was organized by all classes to integrate the values of tolerance and respect. This showcased different religions and perceptions of the moral values in each of them. A pot-luck was arranged by the students. Various homemade dishes were brought and served for everyone as a part of the friendship meals. These are our institutional distinctiveness.