The Department of Commerce of Bharathamatha College of Arts and Science intends to impart advanced knowledge in the field of Commerce and Management through practical oriented activities by developing managerial and creative skills through incorporation of technology and participation in various competitions, thus enabling the students to become the future leaders with social commitment.


Assistant Professor


“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”.

Our department started the journey in the year 2015. We always focus on providing the best education and creating professional leaders and entrepreneurs. This is being highlighted in the mission statement evolved for the department. Right from the beginning commerce and management were areas of preference for many students. As such we had full-fledged classrooms every year.

The main objective of the Department is to provide holistic education. We are designing programmes intended to update the knowledge and to meet the changing requirements of the curriculum. We encourage our students to organize events such as intra – departmental management meet, group discussions, quiz competitions, etc. Apart from this various workshops and seminars are being conducted to enhance their knowledge. A poster designed by each on the research topic and individual presentation was carried out based on their project work. The Department organized an inter-collegiate management meet as part of the mega event “IGNITRON”. The Department is conducting Industrial Visits to B.Com students. This helped the students to get first hand and practical experience related to the concerned field. A two-day startup lab organized in association with CARVE labs was a very useful session.

We are also motivating the students to participate in management meet organized by other colleges and they secured many laurels being the champions on many occasions. With the motive of creating social responsibility charity visits have been organized for all the students to centers of social commitments. We can assure that our students are responsible citizens capable of facing any challenges in today’s world.

Method of Teaching


Tutorials is a unique aspect of the educational experience where students meeting individually as in very small groups with a tutor discussing their written work thus honing their oral communication skills and giving them an opportunity to receive constant feedback from their tutor.

  • Students can also spend time independently reading and preparing written work for the tutorial (ie. self-directed learning).
  • Form a team of 12 – 15 students and discuss the tutorial topics.
  • A questionnaire with open and closed question can be prepared and discussed.
  • It is encouraging to find that students consider tutorial necessary and important.
  • Students have to prepare for the topic repeatedly ensuring that tutorials are held as per schedule.
  • Writer’s workshop enhances the writing techniques.
  • They are continuously exposed to different writing process.
  • Nurturing writing though various activities like independent writing, conferring, guided writing and sharing.
  • Students are given opportunities to write in a variety of genres.
  • They are helped to foster a love for creative writing.
  • The assignments help them concentrate on different styles of writing by different authors.
  • Assignment can help the students in their futile research works and projects.
  • Writing workshops definitely empowers the student with apt vocabulary and synonyms.
  • Writing workshop also helps them develop a good calligraphy.
  • Writing workshop gives equal opportunities to all to showcase their natural ability to present their innate talent and language.
  • Students will be assigned some topics related to the genre of literature, which they have to come up with attractive charts.
  • Poster: Various steps of their research work have to be prepared into a digital poster and a soft copy of which has to be presented in a public event. Discussions and question hour will be done within the group for further clarification of the topic before actual research.

A library spreads knowledge. Every student is taken to the library under supervised librarian they are given different activities to foster their reading skills like.

  • Identify and analyze a writer from one age with another.
  • Assign students a case study to discuss the research process and core concepts.
  • One can talk about stories and novels in a casual environment .
  • Each student can come up with reading specified number of books per month.
  • Students are free to discuss whatever interest them regarding their readings promoting an appreciation of literacy.
  • Read aloud activity that gives children a chance to express themselves audibly before the class activities involving looking up information in book
  • Students can complete with each other in a book reading race.
  • Held a contest for the best book
  • Word scramble game to improve the vocabulary of the students.
  • It is a good way to engage the participants in a fruitful discussion.
  • Group discussion generates a creative thinking in all participants, something beyond the obvious answers and solution to a specify problem.
  • Generate more ideas and structured preventative of atopic.
  • Enables profound and in depth understanding of the subject.
  • Provides different approaches to a topic.
  • Gives a chance to listen, know and understand diverse opinions on a particular matter.
  • Improves confidence in a public speaking platform.
  • Broaden the outlook of the participants through cross-fertilization and exposure to new and different experiences and ideas and enrich their understanding of the issues under discussion.
  • Generate a pile of ideas by examining issues in greater depth, looking at different dimensions of these issues.
  • Use of digital platforms such as Google classroom, Google Meet, Google Docs, Neverskip, MOOC and other resources are incorporated for curriculum enhancement
  • Add On programs related to their area of research are incorporated into curriculum.
  • Students will be provided with digital opportunities such as Language lab; Audio visual room; Wifi facilities etc.
  • There will be seminars on relevant topics at least one per month by involving people from the field as well as experts. This seminars and Panel discussions will enhance the horizons of knowledge for all students.


  • The students will be doing some hands on learning through Industrial visit
  • Charity visits are conducted to enhance the social consciousness and responsibilities among students