We, the fraternity of the Department of Mathematics, aspire to empower the students with practical oriented Mathematical and problem solving skills, through self-motivated research oriented practices and scientific techniques that foster logical and reasoning expertise, so as to inculcate the joy of discovering new learning; consequently shaping them as ethically competent and socially responsible professionals with an open mind.


Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers. – Shakuntala Devi.

Mathematics is a creative attempt to achieve a goal and encourage, enable students to develop solving problems and acquire basics mathematical concept in learning. We, the faculty of the Department of Mathematics and computer Science, took a great effort to provide an inclusive and supportive learning for our students and to develop inter-disciplinary approach of learning between Mathematics with other disciplines. The Students will be enriched to read and write logical arguments in order to prove advanced mathematical results and they will be capable to identify mathematical and computational methods in order to solve comprehensive problems, through collaborative learning we ensures quality education which will enhance students potential in mathematical concepts, problems and their solutions.

Ms. Rexeena X

Asst. Professor

 Coordinator , B Sc programs  


Method of Teaching

  • It is supposed to be an effective and efficient way of teaching
  • Learning through written communication may be easier than learning through oral communication
  • Enables users to learn on demand and when they are motivated
  • Is a method of imparting information through speech.
  • Lectures can present large amounts of information.
  • Lectures can be presented to large audiences.
  • Inductive method is based on induction process.
  • In this first we take few examples and then generalize.
  • It enhances self confident
  • It helps in understanding because the students know how a particular formula has been formulated.
  • It is short and time saving method.
  • It helps all type of learners.
  • In this method is useful for revision and drill work.
  • This method is scientific and psychological in nature.
  • It helps in developing good study habits and reasoning powers.
  • It helps to improve and apply knowledge and experience.
  • This method helps in maintain discipline in the class.
  • It helps collaborating learning
  • Emphasis on learning instead of teaching
  • Develops democratic way of thinking.
  • Spirit of tolerance is inculcated
  • Learning by doing is encouraged in this method.
  • Develops open-mindedness.
  • Learner gets in depth knowledge of the subject he presented
  • It creates clear understanding.
  • The student learns by doing so there is a little scope of forgetting.
  • It develops self confidence, self discipline in the students.
  • It is a meaningful learning.

– Introduction to various platforms of digital resources and Apps to sharpen their critical thinking abilities.

– Online courses through MOOC platforms such as COURSERA

– Digital links to related topics and video links through College YouTube Channel