Staff in charge – Exam Cell Co-ordinator

Staff representatives – Two

Office Assistant


Non- Teaching Staff Representative


  1. Responsibilities

Conducting unit test, internal exams, model examination as per schedule:

  • Receiving two sets of question papers from staffs for each subject
  • Question papers will be handed over to principal in a file
  • Making multiple copies of question paper as per student strength
  • Preparing hall allotment & seating arrangement for both internal and model examination.
  • Exam duty allocation to staffs ( do not place the respective subject teachers on duty)
  • Arranging question papers as per the hall allotment.
  • Fixing mark list submission date.
  • Collecting mark list from staff members.
  • Filing mark lists.
  • Preparing attendance sheets for internal & model examination.
  • If necessary, conducting re-internal & Model examination for low mark students/absent students.
  • Maintaining staff duty register
  • Maintaining all files


B: University exam Arrangements

  • Arrange mainsheets and additional sheets according to the codes specified by the university.
  • Verification of the question paper bundle received and enter the details in the college ledger
  • Maintenance of Registers
  • Maintain Duty register
  • Maintain Answer sheet register
  • Keep Absentees register
  • Update Dispatch register
  • Fill the declaration and ABS statement in the examination day and get the Principal Signature.
  • Proper packing of answer sheets
  • Allocate the University exam duty
  • Internal Marks Uploading:
  • Collect consolidated internal mark List from respective class teachers.
  • Cross check the Mark list with the class Register Book.
  • After verification upload the internal marks to university website.
  • Get the signature from Principal and file in the records