Grievance Redressal


The purpose of the committee is to address any serious grievances arising from students or parents. The committee consists of:

Chairman – Principal

Two staff members

Parent Representatives



The process of complaints will be as follows:

  1. The students can addressed any of their personal issues with their respective class teachers first.
  2. If the class teachers cannot find a fair solution, it has to be addressed to the discipline committee.
  3. Any serious complaints related to abuse physical, psychological or sexual must be directly brought to the attention of the discipline committee.
  4. If any of the complaints that cannot be settled by the discipline committee, must be brought to the attention of the principal.
  5. Any serious complaints such as abuses brought before the committee must be brought to the attention of the principal.
  6. In case of any harassment/abuse/or ragging… issues of serious nature the procedure as mentioned in the college policy book must be followed.

Students can also place their grievances in the box provided.