HealthCare – Sick rooms



“Your Health is an Investment, not expense”

Our institution has a great concern on the health of student community. We have built up the infrastructure to meet the health requirements of students. Separate sick rooms for both boys and girls are maintained. To meet up with the emergency situations, we ensure adequate first aid kits are available. With an intention to promote awareness on health and hygiene among students, several programmes are organized. ‘Napkin Vending Machine’ was installed inside the girl’s washroom to cater their needs. The institution also ensures a barrier free environment which supports differently – able people. Ramp facility was constructed to meet the challenges faced by them.

We offer:

  • Sick Rooms

As health is our prior concern, we provide well maintained sick rooms to cope with the health requirements of the students. Adequate facilities are made available in these rooms. There are separate sick rooms for boys and girls.

  • Napkin Vending Machine

To promote health and hygiene practice among women and girls, we installed a Napkin Vending Machine inside the girls wash room. Students facing emergency situation can insert 5 rupee coin and collect napkin from the vending machine.

  • Ramp Facility

We have created a barrier free environment to support all categories of students. Ramp facility is provided to elderly and disabled people to enter and exit from the campus.

  • First Aid Kit & Basic Medical support

First Aid kit and other basic medicines are available in the office for support. So too in case of emergency, students will be taken to a nearby hospital with student or staff accompanying the patient as per requirement.