Semester I

  • MCM1C01 Business Environment & Policy
  • MCM1C02 Corporate Governance & Business Ethics
  • MCM1C03 Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions
  • MCM1C04 Management Theory and Organizational Behaviour
  • MCM1C05 Advanced Management Accounting


Semester II

  • MCM2C06 Advanced Corporate Accounting
  • MCM2C07 Advanced Strategic Management
  • MCM2C08 Strategic Cost Accounting
  • MCM2C09 International Business
  • MCM2C10 Management Science

Semester III

  • MCM3C11 Financial Management
  • MCM3C12 Income Tax Law, Practice and Tax Planning I
  • MCM3C13 Research Methodology
  • MCM3EF01 Investment Management
  • MCM3EF02 Financial Markets & Institutions

Semester IV

  • MCM4C14 Financial Derivatives & Risk Management
  • MCM4C15 Income Tax Law, Practice and Tax Planning II
  • MCM4EF03 International Finance
  • MCM4EF04 Advanced Strategic Financial Management
  • MCM4PV01 Project Work & Comprehensive Viva Voce