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Head of the various departments


IQAC Coordinator

Finance coordinator

Parent Representatives

Industry representatives

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– To brainstorm every year on newer possibilities of the college

– To discuss of fund generation and infrastructure development

– To create and monitor an overall plan for the campus

– To incorporate into the building plan the need requirements as suggested by staff, students and parents

– To analyze the overall functioning of the college and ask for necessary assistance from parents, Alumni and others

– To find resources for continued scholarship schemes.

– To look into the possibility of creating Green Protocols in the campus

– To come up with a short term and long term goals for the college.

– To look into the possible collaborations with other institutes and industry.

– To look into the possibility of higher research development areas by staff and students. 


Academic: The College has taken all steps to provide research-oriented teaching and to give students an insight into research-basedlearning. The aim of education includes the comprehensive integration of research projects into education.  Efficient research is the basis for a strong foundation to update education, with this view and vision of the college, we have vigorously involved in strengthening our own research activities.

With this perception, we are providing our students a wide access to current research topics and necessary resources even from the first semester of Bachelor’s programs so that they combine research and education throughout their Bachelorprogramme. With this intention, we conduct orientation class on MLA/APA format in the beginning of first semester.  Chart Exhibitions are conducted to promote research orientation from the beginning till the end semester. It is done as Individual, Pair and group work at each semester. This enables the students to research topics related to syllabus as well from out of syllabus so that they get an insight into depth of research.They are introduced to do all their assignments in MLA/APA format, with a notion to give a first-hand environment in applying their knowledge.

BMC student’s final year project works are well planned in advance during the fourth and fifth semester. The students are oriented to select topics for projects by allotting guides and paving way to select an objective, Title,Theory, Methodology and Research question for their respective topics.  The students are trained to prepare posters for their topics. The research poster design is an exercise to make them think about various aspects of research. Poster Presentation of the project topics are conducted for all students individually and a poster exhibition follows which will be visited by juniors from same department.  The project works are analyzed and corrected by the respective guides.   Mock viva and paper presentations are often conducted to enable them to defend their project.

Collaborative learning is one area we would like to improve. Apart from the pair assignments, group assignments and seminars, new avenues will be created for the students to learn in a collaborative learning atmosphere. They are also encouraged to experiencecollaborative work with others through various assignments.

The idea of Flipped classroom was introduced in the current academic year by the principal. Every teacher is invited to choose one subject as an experiment to introduce this concept. Here the video of the lesson and other resources on the topic to be discussed in class is given as daily assignment in advance. The students discuss under the leadership of the teachers the concepts and clarify their doubts, through group discussions, presentations and sharing. 

Students are trained to acquire research skills like searching for information, Data collection, taking survey, Time-management, Problem solving and communicating results.  They are well trained to indulge in Internet research skills and connect with lot of research websites to help them.  The research orientation programmes has continuously helped students to have a deeper insight into their career and higher studies.

Co-curricular:The college gives equal importance to co-curricular activities. The best practices of the college such as two minute speech, chart presentations, visits, placement training, etc. are intended for the personality development of each student. Soft skill training, presentation skills, emceeing, cultural performances etc. will enable students to take up leadership roles in the future. Every subject has a component called seminar presentation which involves PPT based presentations in class. Literary and cultural events including quiz competitions and debates are intended for the confidence building measures of each student.

Students are given tasks of book review,quiz and academic writing in all the semesters to ensure critical analyses and appreciation of researchtopics. Various seminars and workshops are conducted on Research Methodology and other relevant topics to enhance students.   Various Departments ensure to invite Guest lectures, conduct Symposiums, Debate and Panel Discussions   to impart knowledge on various topics to drive students into research.

Infrastructure: The college infrastructure will be enhanced based on the master plan prepared for the college. The master plan is prepared through need assessment sessions conducted along with goal setting for teaching staff as well as feedback taken from students. Various needs for future growth are listed. As per the financial viability these will be accomplished. The goal setting session with the involvement of staff and advisory board has chalked out a plan for the college. The short term goals and long term goals involve a wide development plan for the institution monitored by the administrative body.