There are various remedial measures taken to improve the quality of students in education. It includes Staff monitored remedial sessions; each one teach one; and mentoring groups

Staff Monitored:

The students who perform very poor in certain subjects will be asked to stay back after college for giving special personal session with their tutors.

Each-One Teach-One:

With the motive of helping slow learners to come up, the “Each-One Teach-One” has been implemented in the college before the commencement of University Examinations. Under this programme, the students of the whole class will be divided in to pairs comprising of one weak and one bright student. The bright student is entrusted with the duty of helping the weaker one in studies. This programme is found to be very much helpful for the students as they can freely ask doubts and clarify them with in their peer groups.

Mentoring groups

Students are grouped into small groups based on their performance. Each teacher will have a group of twenty five students to monitor and guide them with their academics. The grouping will be done based on the analysis of their academic performance. Mentoring is one way to encourage students to facilitate academic performance.

“Each one Teach One”

Objectives of the Practice:

  • To promote peer group learning.
  • To develop social values i.e. supporting each other.
  • To exchange one’s expertise on a given topic.

The context:

The college aims at overall development of the average and below-average students, to improve their level of Excellency. Keeping this in mind, the college has initiated one of its best practices Each One Teaches One where the students are divided according to their academic performances.


The practice:

This initiative began in 2015 and has proven to be extremely successful in reaching out to the students. This method helped to have good results in academic performance and enhanced their helping skills.


Evidence of success:

  • The students have enhanced academically.
  • Peer group study improved their confidence and their level of learning.
  • The below-average students scored more marks than the earlier ones.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

The students come from relatively remote locations since it made it difficult to teach them in English. Each One Teach one classes were given to boost students’ confidence levels in preparation for semester exams.