Two- minutes Speech

Two- minutes Speech

From the first year onwards, all students are encouraged to select a topic and speak on the subject in front of the audience for two minutes. From Monday to Thursday, one hour will be set apart for this purpose. There are different levels in which this programme is implemented. In the preliminary level, the students can come up with any topic they wish to talk about. They can prepare a poster on the topic to help them out with presentation. Once all the students finish this level, the next round begins with common conversation enactment. In the consecutive levels, they have to come up with different areas of specialization rather than choosing a general topic. It has been made mandatory for all the students to take part in this speech session. The primary aim is to make the students get rid of their stage fright and to make them capable of speaking in public without hesitation. This programme has made a significant impact on the students as they go out for interviews and presentations.

Objectives of the Practice:

  • To enhance the skill of learning and to acquire the learning outcomes.
  • To develop public speaking skills.
  • To accelerate vocabulary and language skills.
  • It enhances their presentation skills.

The context:

            Geographically, the college is located in a village where students are from Tamil & Malayalam backgrounds. They lack in the English language, hence this practice improves their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills along with their presentation skills.

The practice:

 Students were asked to come up with relevant topics and they will be trained to present in public. College provides a forum to present their topics in front of their peers. This practice began in 2015 which has been very effective in reaching out to the students. The students are advised to take topics on education, technology, health and sanitation, social life, economic opportunities, small business, women empowerment, agriculture, etc.

Evidence of success:

  • The success of the Two-minute speech system is reflected in their overall personality development.
  • Those students who had a lack of confidence, weak in communication, poor presentation skills, were observed to have a marginal improvement in the lacking areas before they reach final year.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

The institute is situated in a rural area since the students are not exposed to the current standings. To overcome that paucity, the teachers play an important role by making them aware of the same.